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Directions to our offices from Utrecht

  • take motorway A2/E35 to Amsterdam
  • at junction "Amstel", leave motorway A2/E35 and then proceed on motorway A10/E35 ("Ring Zuid") in direction Zaandam/ Purmerend
  • drive past exits "Weespertrekvaart", "Duivendrecht", "Diemen", and junction "Watergraafsmeer"
  • at exit S114 ("Zeeburg"), leave motorway A10/E35, and then proceed in direction Centrum/Zeeburg/Artis
  • immediately after leaving motorway A10/E35 at exit "Zeeburg", turn left at traffic lights and then proceed on S114 (Zuiderzeeweg)
  • after approximately 3 km, continue on S114 through the tunnel "Piet Heintunnel"
  • immediately after leaving the tunnel, take a right at the traffic lights onto S100 (Piet Heinkade)
  • continue on S100 (De Ruyterkade) and pass Central Station, leaving it on your left hand
  • 400 m after Central Station, continue on S100 to the right (over the second bridge) onto Westerdoksdijk
  • follow the road for 350 m, Blenheim’s offices are in the white building on your right hand.

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LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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