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Information Technology law in The Netherlands

The Dutch IT law practice group of Blenheim is headed by Thomas Kriense.
The IT practice group has extensive experience and expertise in the field of advice on Dutch IT law, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution services for Netherlands and international clients involved in the information technology.
Blenheim acts for a wide range of IT suppliers and customers (vendors, service providers and users) and has experience on both sides of a wide range of IT-transactions.

Our Dutch IT attorneys have encountered most thinkable situations before, and are equipped to understand IT issues, able to provide practical legal solutions and able to suggest refinements of business models or transaction structures to prevent risks, reduce cost, increase revenue, or otherwise add value.

The IT lawyers of our Netherlands law firm have special expertise in IT law on:

  • internet matters
  • blockchain technology
  • initial coin offerings (ICO's)
  • legal protection of secrets (software, interfaces, data bases, compilations)
  • source code escrow
  • domain names
  • copyrights, patents and design (utility) patents
  • web authoring
  • unfair competition and misrepresentation
  • joint ownership issues
  • auditing intellectual property ownership for financing, mergers, divestitures
  • commercialization of software
  • software development & maintenance arrangements
  • hardware & infrastructure acquisition and services, and
  • dispute resolution (negotiations, mediation, arbitration & litigation).

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LAW - associated firm

Together with a number of international law firms outside
The Netherlands, Blenheim is member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide.

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